About Us

Our Story

Osborn Homes was created with the idea of bringing something not yet seen to the Lincoln market. It was born from the desire to break from the mold of the classic cookie cutter approach so many builders employ. Simply put Osborn homes is for people who intuitively understand quality and what it means to stand out. That’s why we strive to give our customers ultra high-end features and finishes that you typically only find in larger markets. And it’s why our clients receive impeccable attention to detail and premium service. Our approach always involves a close client-builder interaction in order to ensure that each project Is uniquely suited to each client’s needs and results in a dream home come true. 


Meet the Team

Cory Osborn

Owner/ realtor

Cory graduated from UNL with the grit and determination necessary to becoming a business owner. This entrepreneurial spirit is why he’s never satisfied and is always looking to add more tools to his wheelhouse. From realty to property management to construction, Cory’s swiss army knife approach is why Osborn homes is always striving to do more. When Cory isn’t chasing his dog Rhea around the construction site, he and his wife, Alyssa can be found chasing after their son Griffin.

Michael Osborn

Owner/ Project Manager

Boasting over a decade of experience, Michael possesses a thorough and hands-on understanding of the multidisciplinary field of construction. From a young age, Michael demonstrated a knack for working with his hands. When he was 15, his parents–perhaps against their better judgment–allowed him to build a “clubhouse” on the side of their house. The project quickly grew in such scale and detail that neighbors confused it for an addition to the Osborn home. This same passion is what drives Michael today and compels him through tireless effort to transform this natural proficiency into hard-earned mastery. When Michael isn’t at the building site, you can find him relaxing at home with his wife, Sara and their kids Aryia, Landon, and Rory.


Chief Barking officer

Born into the trade, Rhea is a 2nd generation builder. When she isn’t chasing balls, she’s double checking every detail of the build. Rather than herding sheep, this Australian Shepherd stays on Cory and Michael’s heels, making sure everything goes according to plan.